RIP David "Doak" Walker

The last of the Stewart-Peterkin line.

Brook Hill Book 2013

The Brook Hill Book is now printed and ready for our cousins "of the blood." Please contact Katharine for help with the secure family-only download of the PDF version or with information on how to order the hard copy.

The book is 80 pages long and lists all descendants of John Stewart and Mary Amanda Williamson Stewart of Brook Hill. It also provides summaries of the ancestry of the Stewart, Williamson, Pinckney, Bryan and Peterkin lines.

We're all descended from Robert the Bruce!

Our cousin Saint George Bryan, a newscaster in Oregon, recently did a story on our ancestry - apparently John Stewart was descended from Robert the Bruce, whose grandson was King of England at one point in the 1300s. See the video here:

Bishop Peterkin House in Parkersburg WV on House Tour

Bishop Peterkin, whose second wife was Marion Stewart (one of the 7 aunts), was the first Episcopal Bishop of West Virginia. His stately home at 1203 Ann St in Parkersburg has been lovingly renovated by its current occupants, who have also put the house on the Annual Garden Tour.

The present owner found us through this site. Isn't the digital age amazing?

Brook Hill has a new Driveway

After years of potholes and bumpity bumping, Brook Hill finally has a new tar-and-chip surface. Thank you again, Annie Stewart.

Pinckney Family websites

A number of Pinckney Family websites have cropped up in recent years, and our Pinckney cousins might do well to give them a look-over. The first is the UK Pinckney site, HERE. The second is the US one, HERE.

New paint colors for Brook Hill

Brook Hill receives a new coat of paint, with colors selected by the creative eye of Joan B. Gates.

Scorching Summer

Brook Hill has experienced temperatures of up to 104 degrees this past week, in record heat. The house only has air conditioning in the bedroom, but Joan is surviving. Just imagine what it was like inside the layers and layers of petticoats and bustles the maiden aunts had to wear back in the day!

Brook Hill Architect Robert Mills

An idle afternoon Google surfing led to discoveries about the architect John Stewart hired to make additions to Brook Hill in the 1840s. Robert Mills (1781-1855) was known as "the first native-born American architect" and was also the creator of The Washington Monument in DC and Monumental Church in Richmond.

Patsy Dugger Engaged

Our cousin Norma (Brawley) Dugger informs us that her daughter Patsy Dugger has just become engaged to Isaac Newton. Both live in San Francisco. They will be married in San Miguel de Allende Mexico on October 16th, 2010.


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