This page takes you to our online database of genealogy. It is private and password-protected. If you feel you should have access to these pages, please contact Katharine directly.

The Brook Hill Genealogy contains all known descendants of John Stewart (1806-1885) and his wife Mary Amanda Williamson (1822-1910), the "Progenitor Couple" of our grand family. The database also includes what we know of the ancestors of the main family lines descended from this couple: STEWART, PINCKNEY, PETERKIN and BRYAN. In addition, the ancestors of later occupants of Brook Hill are included, with the family lines of the KEMP and BARNES families.

The bulk of the genealogical information is in the FAMILY CARDS. Each of these cards presents a particular couple, with links to their parents and children. These links take you up or down the family tree to the FAMILY CARDS of those people. The HOME CARD, the one that starts you off, is that of John Stewart and Mary Amanda Williamson, our shared progenitors.

The SURNAME page allows you to seek out a specific individual in the family tree. Note that women are always represented by their maiden names.

The Family Card System
This system is the one used by many genealogical software companies, and can take a little getting used to. Try noodling around with it until you get the hang of it.