2018 Reunion Tickets


  1. Many folks who attend may need a place to stay.
    Some rooms have been reserved under James Vernon at the Marriott Courtyard Richmond on West Broad. https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/ricwe-courtyard-richmond-west/ Reserved rooms have 1 King bed or 2 Queen beds available. Please contact Bev Vernon at 617-816-0192 or by email bbvernon39@verizon.net for more information
  2. The picnic at Brook Hill will be held at 4:30 before the Richmond Symphony concert at Bryan Park at 7:00. There will be a tent, tables, portable restrooms and parking at the picnic. We are thinking about getting a bus to transport people but there will be a charge. Please email bbvernon39@verizon.net if you interested in taking a bus/trolley to the event.
  3. You will not receive a ticket when you pay for the event. Please include all family and friends. This is an inclusive event meant to bring a community of family and friends together connected to the Tommy Bryan Family. There are many people to know and meet.
    We will be able to accept payment by check or cash on the day of the event.

  4. There will be many community events going on at Bryan Park on Friday and Saturday. The event is called “In Tune with the Northside: Celebrating Its History and People”. To learn more about those activities go to the website https://www.richmondsymphony.com/community/northside-big-tent-community-...
  5. Katharine Gates and Bev Vernon are working on updating the 2013 version of the Brook Hill directory. We have received some information but would appreciate any family members with changes in their information to use the form on the website. Changes are deaths, marriages, divorces, and births.

Click HERE to add new information to The Brook Hill Book - (you will need to login provided in an email or snail-mail from Bev Vernon)


Family and friends age 13 and older

Price: $40.00


Family and friends age 5 to 12. (Under 5 is free)

Price: $10.00